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Job Information

Title Supply Technician
Job Type Contract, Full-Time
Location Albany, GA
Salary $23.71/per hour

  • Two years related experience.
  • Familiar with the use of DSS, MCPALMS, WMS and other systems in the performance of warehouse operations.
  • Must be proficient in reading and capable of communicating effectively in English verbally and writing.
  • Basic knowledge and skills required to plan, control, manage, and be responsible for the successful completion of the work.
  • Record-keeping techniques.
  • Interpersonal skills using tact, patience, and courtesy.
  • Able to pass background check and drug screening.
  • Complete all required government and contractor required training.
  • Possess basic math and computer skills.
  • Able to pass a physical if requires.
  • Able to stand, bend, lift and walk for extended amount of time
  • Lift up to 40 lbs.
  • Comply with state and federal laws.
  • Valid state drivers’ license


  • High School Diploma or Equivalent




Job Description

This position performs limited aspects of technical supply management work (e.g., inventory management, storage management, cataloging, and property utilization) related to depot, local, or other supply activities. Work usually is segregated by commodity area or function, and controlled in terms of difficulty, complexity, or responsibility.

Assignments usually relate to stable or standardized segments of technical supply management operations; or to functions or subjects that are narrow in scope or limited in difficulty. The work generally involves individual case problems or supply actions. This work may require consideration of program requirements together with specific variations in or from standardized guidelines. Assignments require: (a) a good working knowledge of the governing supply systems, programs, policies, nomenclature, work methods, manuals, or other established guidelines; (b) an understanding of the needs of the organization serviced; and (c) analytical ability to define or recognize the dimension of the problems involved, to collect the necessary data to establish the facts, and take or recommend action based upon application or interpretation of established guidelines.

Other task, duties and responsibilities but not limited to:

Ensure compliance with standard of care and practice in accordance with all established policies, procedures, government directives and regulations.

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