Team JPLC’s experience with deployment extends back more than two decades utilizing a hands-on approach and experience via the military and as contractors supporting the government and the private sector. Our team understands the required level of attention to details and coordination needed to move equipment and personnel in the most cost-efficient manner to meet requirements, arrive safely, intact, and ready for the mission.

Our team of specialists has proven experience and can assist with rapid deployments or re-deploying your organization using the industry best proven practices. Our team is well versed in the travel regulations, which govern travel for military and DA civilian personnel. We understand that time is a critical factor to our clients.

We combines extensive real-world experience with resourceful, innovative planning to support mobilization, operational readiness, sustainment, and development worldwide. We deliver flexible solutions that are quick and carefully designed to meet the mission requirements and rapidly delivered at any location at home or abroad. We take pride in delivering solutions that are agile, self-sustaining; solutions that can be quickly deployed, integrated and dispatched anywhere, anytime. Team JPLC performs advance deployment requirements including the following specialty services:

• Rail Operations
• Container Movement
• Heavy Equipment Operations
• Ground
• Sea
• Air