Team JPLC provides a wide range of transportation base operation critical services.  Our team’s experience and knowledge of DoD transportation rules and regulations enable our workforce to respond in the most cost-efficient and timely manner.

Our team of experts and workforce fully understands the critical needs of transportation services support that is required, whether CONUS or OCONUS.  When logistics means moving people and equipment, in war or peacetime, we coordinate, partner and execute.

Team JPLC supplies Base Support Operations with necessary resources for the federal government and private sector to operate their organizations and focus on the missions.  The resources provided by JPLC help sustain mission capability, ensure quality-of-life and enhance productivity.  JPLC performs advanced transportation logistics requirements including the following specialty services:

  • Transportation Motor Pool Operations
  • GSA Fleet Management
  • Personal Property Office
  • Personal Property Shipping Office
  • Arrival / Departure Airfield Control Group (ADACG)
  • Mail Services
  • Shuttle Bus Services
  • Freight Operations
  • Sensitive Item Shipping
  • Personnel Movement
  • Unit Movements
  • Passenger Movement
  • Drivers Testing and Licensing