Our Mission

The mission of JP Logistics & Consulting, LLC is to assist our customers and partners in taking all their mission requirements to the next level by providing the best support possible within budget.  We deliver exceptional performance and exceed our clients’ expectations with a proven track record of experience.



Our Vision

The vision of JP Logistics & Consulting, LLC is to be a global leader in logistical DoD and commercial Supply Chain Management, Facilities Maintenance Services, Healthcare Services, Financial Support Services, and Administrative Support Services.  We will earn our customers’ trust through continuous improvement driven by our commitment to integrity teamwork and respect.



Our History

The professional staff of JPLC starts at the top with a hands on structural leadership which possesses the in-depth knowledge, as well as the  expertise, to deliver the highest quality in service and support. JPLC will always put the needs of our customers first. We take pride in our work, and in our ability to meet changing requirements. Through our team of experts we rise to the occasion and take great pride in partnering with our customers and exceeding their expectations.
Through Mr. Priest’s leadership, JP Logistics & Consulting LLC, The (JPLC) team is poised for tremendous success.
Upon retiring from the U.S. Army, Mr. Priest had a vision to continue supporting the finest armed forces in the world with  knowledge and expertise. He joined IAP World Services, formerly known as Johnson Controls in 2002 and continued his role in the logistical community. Since 2002, he has been deeply involved in the DoD logistics community working to ensure top-notch project and program management and sustainment of DoD operations. He has been the pivotal player in managing several military installations and the deployments of US Soldiers and civilians to various in-theatre locations.
Mr. Priest’s experiences includes numerous operational deployments supporting the DoD community in Petroleum and Water Management, Transportation Motor Pool (TMP), Supply Support Activities (SSA), Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance,Facility Maintenance, Procurement, Cost Effective Management, Lean Six Sigma Training and Programs, Contract Negotiations, Property Management, Natural Disasters, Human Resource Management, and Project and Program Management. His army career culminated as the Senior Non Commission Officer for the 25th Infantry Division Schofield Barracks Hawaii, (Supply Division Material Management Center).

Our Building Blocks to Success


The JPLC Team

is comprised of well-rounded retired military and civilian personnel with in-depth knowledge of DoD government and commercial supply chain management across the United States and abroad.  The knowledge and experience of these experts include all facets of Supply including Supply Support Activities (SSA), Transportation Motor Pool Operations (TMP), Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance Repair, Military Deployments, Facilities Maintenance, O&M, and Logistical Consulting.  Also, JPLC provides exceptional services in Healthcare, Financial Support, and Administrative Services.

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  • Trust, Teamwork, Partnering, Respect, Integrity, Anticipate, Always do the right thing


  • Ethical Behavior



  • Create an enviroment that allows for a quick response to our customer requirements


  • Ability to streamline work processes and bring savings to the government and customers up front and over time



safety items
  • Promote a safe working environment that empowers all employees with a zero tolerance for negligence


  • Foster an active safe environment through top down leadership education, structured service support and strict procedures and policies that are ISO 9001:2008 compliant


  • Create a safety culture that promotes always doing the right thing



  • Lead by example


  • Demonstrate initiative that drives the organization forward


  • Take an active interest in customer success


  • Deliver new and innovative ideas to our customers



  • Accept responsibility and hold ourselves accountable


  • Dedicate ourselves to quality


  • Build trusting and in-depth relationships with our customers


  • Communicate



  • Exceed expectations


  • Execute flawlessly in the best interest of our customer


  • Eliminate waste and continually improve