Team JPLC provides in-depth knowledge of DoD military and commercial vehicles and equipment maintenance in support of the armed forces as well as in the private sector.  By focusing on the customers’ essentials and priorities, we can leverage our team’s experience and enhance mission success and readiness.

JPLC understands that our warfighters and their equipment must be Fully Mission Capable (FMC) at all times.  Our on-the-ground leadership approach promotes partnering with the government, customer and end user to ensure that the right parts are available when called to move maintenance forward.

We supports critical military vehicle and ground support equipment needs around the world with end-to-end professional services and technical support.  By leveraging our extensive experiences, our high-performing teams quickly organize and deploy workforce, material and technology solutions wherever we are needed.

Our unique delivery gives us access to resources and the necessary means to provide highly effective, customizable, and agile solutions to short and long-term requirements in time of peace or conflict. JPLC performs advance vehicle and equipment maintenance requirements including the following specialty services:

  • Materiel Maintenance Support
  • Materiel Maintenance Programs and Efforts
  • Additional Specified Tasks
  • Allied Trades
  • Technical Inspections
  • Production and Control
  • Indirect Supporting Functions and Tasks

•    Maintenance Operations Fund Management